" The Rise Of The Sun "

Be a Volunteer :

Shorouq Organization is seeking international volunteers to stay in Beit Ummar and support our work. Volunteers will be hosted by one of our local families, and will have the opportunity to work with us on our various projects. We are seeking support in building our organization, through development of our website and other forms of media, as well as through fundraising and grant-writing. For these tasks, previous experience is welcome, but not required. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to work directly with our famers in their communities and with the women's cooperative. Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum stay of one week, but are encouraged to stay longer. While there is no volunteer program fee, volunteers are asked to contribute to their host family, to cover their share of communal expenses, such as food, utilities, and transportation .
Beit Ummar is a rural Palestinian village. Volunteers who are new to Palestinian culture and tradition will be trained in how best to respectfully fit in as visitors to our community. Feel free to ask any questions about what to expect.

Be a Visitor :

Individuals, media members, and organizations that are interested in meeting leaders from Shorouq Organization, gathering information about our work, or developing partnerships with us, are invited to stop by our office in Beit Umar. To arrange a meeting with Shorouq staff, please contact us or email Majde Zaaqeq at majde_za@yahoo.com.

Be a Tourist :

Shorouq Organization invites interested groups and individuals to Beit Ummar for short-term customized tours. We will work with each group to craft a program that meets their specific needs and desires. Itineraries could include tours of the southern West Bank, including Beit Ummar, Hebron, and Bethlehem; visits to our farmers, women’s cooperatives, and youth initiatives; experiencing Palestinian hospitality and learning about Palestinian culture, getting to meet local families and eating a traditional Palestinian meal; deepening one’s understanding of the Israeli occupation, being exposed to the challenges facing Palestinians today, and being introduced to the sustainable development work that Shorouq Organization is doing to change our situation, and more. Tours could be as short as one day, and may be multiple days, with home hospitality or hotel stays being arranged ahead of time. To receive further information about tours /Voluntary in Beit Ummar, please contact us or email Majde Zaaqeqat