​​We work in the following areas:

Shorouq Organization aims to support
farmers, women, and young people in Area C of the occupied West Bank. The illegal Israeli military occupation impacts the lives of Palestinians in all parts of the West Bank. In Area C, the Israeli military has both civil and security control. The constant, ongoing expansion of illegal Israeli settlements is protected by the army. Settlers continue to displace Palestinians from their land by blocking their access to it, destroying crops and agriculture, and terrorizing farmers. Soldiers use checkpoints and other methods to restrict Palestinian freedom of movement within the West Bank, raid Palestinian homes in the middle of the night, arrest and detain Palestinians.  The apartheid wall also prevents Palestinians from reaching their land, their only source of income. Shorouq Organization aims to support the economic development of the people who live in this marginalized area, helping them pursue a sustainable economy and life so that they can stay on their land.

" The Rise Of The Sun "