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 Youth &  Children

Support Palestinian Farmers

We work to support marginalized areas and improve farmers' lives so that they can ensure their economic income and not leave their lands. We are currently doing a project to build water wells in Jala, a community near Beit Umar. Residents of Jala are refugees from 1948. Although Israeli settlements in the area have enjoyed strong infrastructure for decades, Jala only received running water and electricity in 2010 .

We hope to expand our work with farmers through many methods, including :

  • Land reclamation & livestock projects
  • Providing farmers with technical training in grape and apple cultivation, building greenhouses for vegetables, and good agriculture practices
  • Helping farmers get improved seed that increases their yield and has more resistance to disease and insects
  • Acquiring new machines like tractors, cultivators, and harvesters to help farmers decrease time and effort and increase their yield
  • Coordinating cross-visits between farmers so they can see new agricultural models, for example the cultivation of strawberries and pineapples
  • Creating a farmers' union, which will allow farmers to control their own marketing and set  suitable prices for their fruit and vegetables .

" The Rise Of The Sun "